Since every centre claims to be #1, its difficult to know which is the right centre for your child. Don’t listen to me. Listen to parents. Just like you.

Every child is different. Whatsapp me to find out how we can turn your child’s results around.

Click on the link below to watch videos that will increase your child’s interest in Physics and Chemistry

Specially for parents who want their children to score at O level Physics and Chemistry

As a parent, these are the perks that your child will receive being a student of mine

  • Taught on the DDME framework. This framework is so powerful that students who were stumbling in both Physics and Chemistry… became the class experts in both subjects. Their teachers were even shocked with their progress.
  • Cutting-edge SCORE™ study techniques that will give your child an unfair advantage over his classmates
  • A minimum boost of 2 grades within the first 3 months
  • Brain-friendly notes that can prepare your child for any test or exams…within minutes
  • Complex concepts are unravelled in front of your child’s eyes. Concepts are simplified to the extent that… they will be able to explain it to a 10 year old.
  • And, many more (This is just the tip of the iceberg). The amount of value that I can add to your child will not only be seen in Physics and Chemistry. But, its effects will be spilled over to his or her other subjects. Imagine the mutiplier effect it will have on their overall results
Chemistry and Physics Analysis
Get your child to try one of the analysis worksheets. Once completed, I will read through it. An in-depth explanation will be given to you on the phone.

In this phone consultation, I will explain three things.

  1. Steps your child can avoid to score better
  2. Tips on getting a better mark
  3. Essential keywords Teachers are looking for