My name is
Rajiv Misra

And I have been teaching Physics & Chemistry since 2005.

Rajiv Misra

Before I taught tuition, I was studying Environmental Engineering at Nanyang Technological University.


Learning Environmental Engineering taught me to appreciate how theoretical concepts in Physics and Chemistry can be applied to solve Environmental problems.

As a result, I developed a keen interest in the different ways of applying Physics and Chemistry concepts to solve problems in everyday life.

In my spare time, I put my real-world knowledge of Physics and Chemistry to use by giving tuition to secondary school students.

I even achieved honours for my Environmental Engineering degree.

It was during that short, accidental stint with teaching that allowed me to find my passion – Education.

I relish the delight seeing the glimmer in my students’ eyes when they go from confusion to clarity.

That moment of enlightenment is priceless.

I felt that I was more than a teacher…

I Was A Bridge

A bridge that enabled my students to be able to think and conceptualize Physics & Chemistry concepts when they couldn’t do it previously.

Slowly but gradually, I was seeing the impact I was making.

They were able to move on to their preferred schools.

I was transforming their lives, designing their futures.

It’s only through all the success stories and tearful but heartfelt letters of gratitude from my students that drives my enthusiasm for teaching.

That was the decisive moment where I scrapped the thought of working as a .

Working as a teacher gives me stable and certain income each month.

But I felt that it limited my ability to serve other students from all walks of life.

So I took the leap of faith and started forging young lives by tutoring full time.

Here are some of the lives I’ve changed:


Mr Rajiv is a dedicated and focused teacher.

He has always encouraged me to persevere even in the face of failure.

He is also apt at pinpointing my weak areas and working on them.

Thank you Mr Rajiv for being the best tutor one can ask for!!!

Timothy Wong (2014)

St Gabriel's Secondary School


I find Mr Rajiv’s lessons extremely helpful in clearing my doubts.

With the material that he provides, I can come across many types of questions.

This helps me in the exams a lot. I have seen improvement in my results from a C6 to A1.

He is also able to clarify any doubts that I have in Physics.

In conclusion, I find Mr Rajiv a great tutor and his lessons are enjoyable.

Jarod Heng (2013)

Geylang Methodist Secondary School


Mr Misra has made Physics very interesting to me.

I love the fact that he does real-life demonstrations of the Physics principles that we learn in school.

He is a very good teacher.

He was able to upgrade me from B3 to A1 within a matter of a few months.

Wang Weice (2011)

Jurong Secondary School

For the past few years, I have been gathering a set of skills that will better me as a teacher.

I am a Certified Master NLP Practitioner.

What does this mean for your child?

I can train your child using certain advanced Psychology exercises to clear them of mental blocks.

Yes, mental blocks are a real thing.

Some of the techniques will improve your child’s confidence and their ability to learn.

Imagine the spill-over effect, it will have on his or her other subjects.

And, especially the effect it will have on their L1R5. 

I even enrolled myself in the Cambridge teaching program.

These are the same people who set the yearly O level paper.

Through the course, I was able to learn what is expected of an ideal student.

Out of a course of 40 teachers, there were only 3 teachers who obtained a distinction.

Yours truly was one of them.

Your child needs a person who is invested in his future.

Just like you, I am invested in your child’s future.

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