ACES Framework

ACES Framework

Step 1: Assess Your Child's Current Level
Step 1:
Assess Your Child’s Current Level

Most tutors teach their students with a One-Size-fits-all approach, without understanding the mindset and the foundations of the individual student in depth.

At, I assess your child individually for any limiting beliefs on Physics and subject misconceptions.

By removing your child’s limiting beliefs on Physics, it helps to strengthen your child’s confidence in Physics.

Your child would then realize that excellence in Physics is not impossible but just a matter of strategy & hard work.

Next, I assess the subject proficiency of your child.

This allows me to understand the misconceptions & the gaps in knowledge that I have to fill.

Step 2:
Clarify and Eliminate Doubts

In the second step, I will clarify your child’s doubts through explaining concepts through an interactive, step-by-step & condensed manner.

Once I do this, your child would be able to understand better as I simplify the concepts in a systematic way.

More importantly, I adapt to fit the learning abilities of your child.

I would split the chapter into different parts and ensure that your child understands one part well before moving to the next.

I would also explain the right keywords to be used in explaining ideas and answering questions.

This way, your child would not lose precious marks during the actual examinations.

Step 3:
Examine Your Child’s Proficiency

In the third step, I would examine your child’s understanding of the ideas taught by giving them a series of application questions.

Your child would be tested on their ability to apply the relevant concepts to solve more difficult questions.

Such questions would involve

  • Data-Based questions,
  • Contextual higher order thinking questions, and
  • Multiple Choice “Trick” Questions.

I test my stude nts in their ability to apply the concepts immediately after teaching it to them.

This allows them to remember more effectively by retaining information for longer periods.

By examining their application skills, your child would be able to see how the laws of Physics hold true in many different situations.

Step 4:
Synchronize The Concept

In the last step, I will help your child synchronize all the information, ideas and concepts that are taught.

I do this by reviewing the skills and knowledge your child was taught previously in all our lessons.

By doing this, your child would be able to see linkages and connections between different concepts and even different chapters.

This would greatly strengthen their understanding of vital Physics fundamentals.

I realized that our students are able to score better and appreciate Physics once they are able to synchronize everything that they were taught.

That’s my 4 step ACES process that has achieved these amazing results for our students.

There are more success stories below


Mr Rajiv employed a variety of methods when it comes to teaching Physics. He tends to ask me guiding questions. I find this technique useful as it trains my thinking. He tends to break down the steps on how to actually come to the solution when solving a question. He also gave me tips on how to score the highest mark possible at the exams.

Priscilla Wong (2014)

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Secondary School


Throughout my student life, I have changed many tutors.

Under the tutelage of Mr Rajiv, I have gone from a disappointing D7 to an amazing A2 for Physics.

He is extremely committed to my success in Physics.

Michael Teo (2011)

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School

YES! I Want My Child To Score A1