Exclusive message for anxious parents who want their children to excel in O level Physics!

Discover the 4-step ACES framework to transform your child into a “Physics A1 Machine” and kickstart a massive grade jump… Even for students who have been failing Physics consecutively for years!

Most students do badly for O levels because they employ a “last-minute chiong approach” for their revision.
Do not let this happen to your child.
It’s the end of the year.
The final year exams are just over.
And their results are not what you expected.
But don’t worry, we have a solution prepared for you.
Spend 5 minutes to read below as I spill the secrets for your child’s Physics success!

My son, Wei Sing, was having issues at scoring distinctions. He was always scoring  between 50 – 60%.

I chanced upon Mr Rajiv’s ad in the newspaper. I decided to give him a try.

After a good 9 months, Wei Sing, came back home with 80% grade for his prelims. I was impressed at my son’s ability to score at Physics.

Mr Wong (2018)

I got to know about Mr Misra from a Newspaper Ad. At first, I was skeptical of this individual.

With his patented style of teaching, it was obvious to me that Stacy was enjoying his lessons. This was particularly evident when she scored 23.5/25 for a Physics test.

In short, it was a worthy investment to sign up for Mr Misra’s tutoring lessons.

Mrs Elaine (2017)


For Secondary 3, my son, Abhimanyu, was scoring in the low 50s.

Mr Misra came down for one lesson. In that one lesson, I was very determined to book him as a tutor.

The thing that differentiates Mr Misra from the other tutors is the depth of his explanation and his ACES framework. This is what Abhimanyu shared with me.

Mrs Ganga


YES! I Want My Child To Score At Physics

With all my past successes, let’s equip your child with the tools your child needs to score.

Dear parents,

My name is Rajiv and I have been teaching Physics for 16 years.

I hope you’ll get tremendous value from my sharing below.

But before we go into that, here’s a brief introduction of myself…

Before I taught tuition, I was studying Environmental Engineering at Nanyang Technological University.


Rajiv Misra
Rajiv Misra

Learning Environmental Engineering taught me to appreciate how theoretical concepts in physics can be applied to solve Environmental problems.

As a result, I developed a keen interest in the different ways of applying Physics concepts to solve problems in everyday life.

In my spare time, I put my real-world knowledge of Physics to use by giving tuition to secondary school students. I also did reasonably well for my Environmental Engineering during my University days.

It was during that short, accidental stint with teaching that allowed me to find my passion – Education. I relish the delight seeing the glimmer in my students’ eyes when they go from confusion to clarity.

That moment of enlightenment is priceless. I felt that I was more than a teacher…

I Was A Bridge

A bridge that enabled my students to be able to think and conceptualize Physics concepts when they couldn’t do it previously.

Slowly but gradually, I was seeing the impact I was making.

They were able to move on to their preferred schools.

I was transforming their lives, designing their futures.

It’s only through all the success stories and tearful but heartfelt letters of gratitude from my students that drives my enthusiasm for teaching.

That was the decisive moment where I scrapped the thought of working for an Engineering firm.

Working in an Engineering firm gives me stable and certain income each month.

But I felt that it limited my ability to serve other people.

So I took the leap of faith and started forging young lives by tutoring full time.

Here are some of the lives I’ve changed:

At the point when I engaged him, my son was scoring 45.1% in Physics.

Within a month, he was able to get my son to score 15 out of 20 for a class test. At the prelims, my son scored 81 out of 100.

I would definitely recommend Mr Rajiv to any parent who wants their child to score well in Physics.

Colin Tan (2015)

Director, Nam Leong Company Private Limited

My son was failing at the mid-year exams.

Within a span of a month, my son’s result jumped from 48% to 78% score in CA2.

I will definitely recommend Mr Rajiv to any parent who is serious about improving their child’s science grade.

Michelle (2015)

Senior music teacher, Edvox music school

My son’s Physics grade improved from a C5 to an A1.

He actually scored the top mark in class.

I am so glad that we hired Mr Rajiv.

He is worth every dollar that I have invested into him.

Jeffrey Teo (2015)

Operations Manager, Newgen Systems Private Limited

YES! I Want My Child To Score At Physics

With all my past successes, let’s equip your child with the tools your child needs to score.

Read on to learn more on how I can help your child achieve similar or better results.

Physics is a subject that requires solid understanding of the fundamental basics and concepts as each topic is related to the next.

For example, failure to understand the free body diagram would cause the child problems in understanding dynamics and gravitational topics.

There are many students who come to me, as their previous Physics tutor weren’t able to help them with their learning.

Your child’s inability to excel in physics is usually due to a slippery-slope problem

Firstly, many private tutors who are hired are unable to explain and simplify the Physics concepts clearly for your child.

As a result, your child is likely to employ an approach of memorizing the formulas. Guess what?

Big Mistake

This is insufficient, as your child would often apply the formula blindly.

Yes. Blindly.

Without appreciating and understanding the entire process of problem-solving.

This causes your child to miss out certain keywords when they are explaining concepts.

Many students lose a great amount of marks in the Physics examination due to the lack of keywords.

Plus, the Physics curriculum is getting more and more challenging.

This is due to more “Killer Application Questions” being tested in examinations to separate top students from the above average ones.

In addition, it’s not just the failure of explaining concepts clearly to your child that is causing them to lose valuable marks in the examinations.

Many tutors make one other FATAL BLUNDER when it comes to teaching their students.

In fact, they don’t even know this…

They focus excessively on delivering the grades with speed via rapid MCQ drilling & memorizing the keywords…

But not truly establishing their basics in Physics concept.

As a result…

Most students get a one-off A1 & then stumble painfully getting Cs and Ds.

Leaving parents puzzled with whatever that has happened.

Sounds familiar? I have seen it happen many times in front of my eyes.

So why? Why did an A student drop to a D student within 6 months?

Ans: Lack of Physics Fundamentals

Rapid MCQ drilling & keyword memorization are techniques to scoring well in the Physics Exam.

But it’s disgusting that these techniques are prioritized over the crucial roots of Physics – Concepts.

The fundamentals that your child needs badly are lacking and that is the reason why your child isn’t producing results.

Therefore, thank heavens you are reading this! 

Because I would do everything in my power to help your child achieve a Physics grade boost even if your child has been failing Physics for years.

I’m going to reveal my 4 step ACES framework that can catapult your child’s success.

Here are some of my students who have benefitted from it:


Mr Rajiv is a dedicated and focused teacher.

He has always encouraged me to persevere even in the face of failure.

He is also apt at pinpointing my weak areas and working on them.

Thank you Mr Rajiv for being the best tutor one can ask for!!!

Timothy Wong (2014)

St Gabriel's Secondary School


I find Mr Rajiv’s lessons extremely helpful in clearing my doubts.

With the material that he provides, I can come across many types of questions.

This helps me in the exams a lot. I have seen improvement in my results from a C6 to A1.

He is also able to clarify any doubts that I have in Physics.

In conclusion, I find Mr Rajiv a great tutor and his lessons are enjoyable.

Jarod Heng (2013)

Geylang Methodist Secondary School


Mr Misra has made Physics very interesting to me.

I love the fact that he does real-life demonstrations of the Physics principles that we learn in school.

He is a very good teacher.

He was able to upgrade me from B3 to A1 within a matter of a few months.

Wang Weice (2011)

Jurong Secondary School

Can you imagine your child experiencing a 4 grade jump from C5 to A1 and being my next success story?

Here’s the moment where I reveal the hidden framework that has helped many students in understanding complex physics concepts and lead him/her to the A1 they desire:

Step 1: Assess Your Child's Current LevelStep 1: Assess Your Child’s Current Level

Step 1: Assess Your Child's Current Level
Step 1:
Assess Your Child’s Current Level

Most tutors teach their students with a One-Size-fits-all approach, without understanding the mindset and the foundations of the individual student in depth.

At MinistryOfScience.sg, I assess your child individually for any limiting beliefs on Physics and subject misconceptions.

By removing your child’s limiting beliefs on Physics, it helps to strengthen your child’s confidence in Physics.

Your child would then realize that excellence in Physics is not impossible but just a matter of strategy & hard work.

Next, I assess the subject proficiency of your child.

This allows me to understand the misconceptions & the gaps in knowledge that I have to fill.

ClarifyStep 2: Clarify And Eliminate Doubts

Step 2:
Clarify and Eliminate Doubts

In the second step, I will clarify your child’s doubts through explaining concepts through an interactive, step-by-step & condensed manner.

Once I do this, your child would be able to understand better as I simplify the concepts in a systematic way.

More importantly, I adapt to fit the learning abilities of your child.

I would split the chapter into different parts and ensure that your child understands one part well before moving to the next.

I would also explain the right keywords to be used in explaining ideas and answering questions.

This way, your child would not lose precious marks during the actual examinations.

ExamineStep 3: Examine Your Child’s Proficiency

Step 3:
Examine Your Child’s Proficiency

In the third step, I would examine your child’s understanding of the ideas taught by giving them a series of application questions.

Your child would be tested on their ability to apply the relevant concepts to solve more difficult questions.

Such questions would involve

  • Data-Based questions,
  • Contextual higher order thinking questions, and
  • Multiple Choice “Trick” Questions.

I test my students in their ability to apply the concepts immediately after teaching it to them.

This allows them to remember more effectively by retaining information for longer periods.

By examining their application skills, your child would be able to see how the laws of Physics hold true in many different situations.

SynchronizeStep 4: Synchronize The Concept

Step 4:
Synchronize The Concept

In the last step, I will help your child synchronize all the information, ideas and concepts that are taught.

I do this by reviewing the skills and knowledge your child was taught previously in all our lessons.

By doing this, your child would be able to see linkages and connections between different concepts and even different chapters.

This would greatly strengthen their understanding of vital Physics fundamentals.

I realized that our students are able to score better and appreciate Physics once they are able to synchronize everything that they were taught.

That’s my 4 step ACES process that has achieved these amazing results for our students.

There are more success stories below


Mr Rajiv employed a variety of methods when it comes to teaching Physics. He tends to ask me guiding questions. I find this technique useful as it trains my thinking. He tends to break down the steps on how to actually come to the solution when solving a question. He also gave me tips on how to score the highest mark possible at the exams.

Priscilla Wong (2014)

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls Secondary School


Throughout my student life, I have changed many tutors.

Under the tutelage of Mr Rajiv, I have gone from a disappointing D7 to an amazing A2 for Physics.

He is extremely committed to my success in Physics.

Michael Teo (2011)

Ang Mo Kio Secondary School

YES! I Want My Child To Score At Physics

With all my past successes, let’s equip your child with the tools your child needs to score.

Your child needs a Proven System to break free of Physics mediocrity & achieve Physics excellence.

When your child develops stronger conceptual understanding of the fundamentals through this framework….

Even the most abstract Physics problem can be broken down to a series of “mini” simple questions.

Needless to say, your child’s physics grade would soar. You can gloriously embrace the sweetness of your child’s academic success!

Remember the gossipy bunch of aunties you met who are always comparing about their children’s grades?

Or annoying relatives who frequently boast about their child’s stellar academic achievements?

You don’t have to feel inferior anymore again.


For some parents, they have experienced the horror of seeing their kids fall short and not making it into their dream JC or Polytechnic courses.

You Don’t Have To See Your Children Compromise Their Quality Of Education Ever Again 

Our 4-step ACES framework is the perfect secret weapon you can use to ensure that your child stays ahead of the bell curve.

Our strategy is zero fluff and straightforward:

“Mastering solid fundamentals and sound application of Physics concepts”

Sounds really simple right?

But you don’t have any more time…

Don’t leave it late to start improving on your Physics grade.

My tested and proven approach requires sufficient time (3 months) for foundation building.

Before we get started, I would like to understand about your child’s situation and context on the phone. There are many other nuances that I can’t explain here even if I want to.

This is how I can help you:

  1. Apply to have a 15-minute consultation with me by clicking one of the “Book My Call” buttons on this page.
  2. Book a convenient slot in the next week so that I can contact you within the next 24 hours.
  3. Take down valuable notes and pointers that I would share during the exclusive consultation session. These are exclusive tips and pointers. They won’t be shared by any schools.

YES! I Want My Child To Score At Physics

With all my past successes, let’s equip your child with the tools your child needs to score.

Sounds like a no-brainer?

This is what you get if you sign up for my consultation session:

a) Complete clarity in your child’s situation in Physics

b) The actionable steps that your child needs to take in order to build their foundation in Physics.

c) I’ll explain the ACES Framework in detail and how it can specifically help your child in achieving the grade they want.

d) What your child has to stop doing IMMEDIATELY in order to achieve an instant grade boost.

But my time is limited as I spend most of it helping our existing students get top grades for the Physics paper.

I only limit the number of consultations to 5 a week.

So please book a phone consultation fast if you are keen about helping your child improve their Physics grade.

Alternatively, you can adopt a “Wait and Observe” approach (Very Risky Approach!)

Bear in mind that in order for my special formula to work, it would need at least 3-6 months to establish their foundation.

Therefore, I would be accepting less and less students.

When it comes to your child’s education, future and happiness, TRUST ME, you wouldn’t want to take any chances…

Contact me and let me create “miracles” and success stories out of your children even if they are previously weak at Physics.

It’s up to you now. Be a responsible parent. Do this not just for you… but for your child. Let us ace O Level Physics together!

To your Child’s Physics’s Success!

Rajiv Misra

Physics Minister

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