My name is
Teacher Lim

And I have been teaching A Maths since 1999.

I have been an MOE teacher since 1999. I earned my PGDE in 2000. In my pursuit for Maths excellence, I signed up for a Masters of Education in Maths from NIE. Both certificates have equipped me with skills and and technical know-how to help your child to score A1 in A maths and E maths.

Since 1999, I have been revolutionizing the way Maths has been taught. I didn’t just use the same old textbook way of doing questions and endless drilling.

Students land up being bored and lose concentration.

I have discovered methods which not only get your child to score an A1 but they also enjoy studying Amaths and Emaths.

I was recognised for my cutting-edge teaching style. This got me appointed as a maths mentor. Basically, I was so good that they wanted to “clone” my teaching style.

I started my career in First Toa Payoh Secondary school. Then, I was transferred to Catholic Junior college. With my in-depth knowledge of the A levels, I will be able to provide your child with super-difficult O level questions. This is something certain teachers do for killer exam papers.  

Now, you may ask me, ” Mr Lim, what attracts to teach to this day ? Even though, you have been teaching for the past 25 years. It is this.

That “Aha” moment when I see your child going from confusion to crystal-clear clarity. 

Another thing I love to see in your child’s eyes. It is that glimmer of confidence. When they realize, they have the ability to score at A maths even in topics like Logarithms, Quadratic equations and even Trigonometry. 

Enough of me talking, let my past students share with you their experience:

Mr Max lim has a very methodical approach to A maths. Before I met him, I was about to drop A maths at the end of Sec 3. Now, my friends are approaching me to solve their A math questions. Thank you Mr Lim.

Jovan Lim (2021)

Catholic High School

It is amazing how Mr Lim teaches us A maths. I am always shocked at how simple he can make A maths topics.

Joanne Lee (2021)

Clementi Town Secondary school


One very unique thing about Mr Lim is how he will write down the mistakes that you did. He will explain in detail on how it occured and what to do next to prevent such mistakes again.

Jonas Ng (2021)

Catholic High School

YES! Let’s Boost Your Child’s A Maths Results Now!

So many of my students complain that some teachers just keep giving them worksheet after worksheet. At a certain point, it feels like they are memorising the answer itself. 

 When the test comes, they are faced with a totally new question. This is where my method of teaching comes to life.

I don’t only teach them to solve the question. But, I explain to them the logic on solving it. Once your child is able to understand the concept behind the question, they will be to answer any question that is posed to them. They will be asking you why weren’t they taught this method earlier.

Certain students complain about really big classes like 20 students in a class. In my personal opinion,  very little learning occurs in such classes. And surely, there will be a student who will be left out. I always cap my class size to a max of 6. Now, you may ask why 6.

I personally believe 6 is the ideal number in a group class setting. It balances 1-1 teaching and peer learning.

What is pear learning ? Its only in a group setting that students can ask questions and other students can benefit from those questions. The one drawback of 1-1 tutoring is sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. 

And the abolute worst is this…when you have spent a bunch of money on tuition and you realise that your child is scoring the same result. Or even worse, his results are dropping.

Now, I will ensure that your child is regularly tested.

Aren’t students tested enough ? You might ask.

The tests that I do is identify your child’s weaknesses. Then, we can do more revision in their weak areas and strengthen their understanding in the topic itself.

In order to put your child ahead of their peers, click the link below.

YES! Let’s Boost Your Child’s A Maths Results Now!